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Security : How to respond to a Violent Situation

Knowing how to respond to a violent situation requires split-second decision making and presence of mind – not always easy. However, the Metropolitan Police have compiled a list of things you should do in the highly unlikely event that you find yourself in a violent situation.

It’s important to never lose sight of the fact that your personal safety is the most important thing. Your belongings can be replaced but you can’t. So, when responding to a violent situation, please try to remember the following:

Trust your instincts and if you think a situation is getting worse, try not to get involved.

Look for a way to leave.

If you’re in a building with security personnel, tell them immediately about what is happening.

Put distance between yourself and the other person.

If you are able to, call 999. If you’re unable to call the police during the incident, then call as soon as you can.

If it comes to the worst, you are entitled to defend yourself using reasonable force, but you may be asked to account for and justify any action you take.

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