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Review – Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery at the Science Museum from 12th October 2016


The Science Museum  present Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery which is considered its most ambitious interactive science gallery to date. Opening to the public on October 12th, Wonderlab will feature interactive exhibits, artworks, live demonstrations and immersive experiences led by the Museum’s team of science communicators – Explainers.

The Science Museum has a long history of interactive galleries aimed specifically at children starting with the Children’s Gallery in 1931 and Launchpad opened by HRH The Queen in 1986.


The new gallery features over 50 exhibits in seven zones that allow visitors to explore topics such as diverse as sound, light, space, force, electricity, matter and mathematics.


Amongst the gallery’s many highlights, visitors will discover space through a giant model of the solar system, explore the effects of different materials on a large friction slide, look into infinity boxes, experience sound and visual waves, see how electricity works with a Tesla coil and much more.


If the Wonderlab resembles a large scientific playground that is intentional because it is often when children are being interactive that they are learning. The Interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, and an Explainer-led experience reinforce some of amazing scientific phenomena that surround us in our daily life.


One of the reasons for increasing the size of the gallery is to accommodate more school groups that can visit the interactive gallery for free, to support this initiative, the Museum is introducing ticketed entry to the gallery. The income generated by the charge will contribute to the cost of maintaining the visitor experience and operating the gallery, which includes two live demonstration areas and a 120-capacity showspace.


Regular visitors will know that other than the exhibits, the shows that illustrate scientific facts are wildly popular with children. Wonderlab takes the concept, one step further with a whole gallery of mini shows and interactive action.  


The £6 million gallery which opens on 12th October  is a welcome addition to a visit to the Science Museum and likely to be very popular in the first few weeks especially, therefore it is advisable to book in advance.


Ticket Prices 

Admission: Day Pass £8 adult, £6 child, £22.50 family

Annual Pass £14 adult, £10 child, £39 family

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

For more information, visit the Science Museum website here

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