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Our Story

We take a pride in doing things differently, when we launched in 2014 it was with a programme to provide top quality content about London to Londoners and visitors. Since then our website and blog have built a great reputation for reviews and previews of all the London major attractions and events and attracts thousands of readers a month. To achieve this we have built good working relationships with all the major cultural and sporting organisations and businesses. However we are now ready to move into a new phrase in which we offer our expertise to many of the up and coming businesses in London.

We are ready to launch ‘Upgrade’ which is a promotional package geared to your particular business which for a small one-off payment or a longer term contract offers a way for your business to get noticed in an ever crowded market place.

If you run any type of professional business today you’ll know that, in terms of marketing, the world has changed dramatically. Old methods for getting customer attention just don’t work like they once did:

Advertising in newspapers and magazines rarely gets enough response to justify the considerable costs.

The local press has virtually disappeared.

In a crowded marketplace, word of mouth will only produce a limited amount of customers

So how do you get customers interest?

Telling your Story

Modern consumers like to know more about they do business with, loyal customers are a great promotional tool who through social media will promote you to a wider audience. That is why  it is important to tell your ‘story’ to enable potential customers to get to know you. Not only tell your story but keep in front of customers, most advert campaigns are for a short period and then your brand disappears from customers. When we write an article on our blog, it stays live for years or until it becomes out of date and then deleted.

Our reviews very often feature very highly in the search engines ( we have a domain authority 0f 98 out of 100) , this is not by accident because we understand that Google especially values high quality content over just a promotional snippet.
We would expect our article about your business to be at the top page of any search, why is this important ?
The modern consumer will put the name of your business into a search engine and may read the first few articles, whether the articles are positive or negative will decide whether to use your business or not.

We have developed new strategies of promotion based on our experience and findings which we then use to compete with the major London players of Londonist and Time Out. These strategies enable us to offer you a unique service.

Don’t just take our word ( here are some statistics from the experts )

Blogs are rated as one of the most trusted source for accurate online information

A third of marketers agree that blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing

Blogging is really effective in influencing purchases and raising Brand awareness

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress

Two thirds of marketers think that branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements

Would you like us to tell your story ?

We can offer a number of services to raise your profile or fine tune your services. These include :

Advertising on the website.

Sponsored Articles on the blog.

Brand recognition consultancy.

Raising your profile on social media.

Providing High Quality Content.

Website and Blog services

Special Introductory Offer  –  ‘Upgrade’ for £250

Interested ? just get in touch via our email at visitinglondonguide@gmail.com


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