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Rebels at the Albany from 11 April to 1 June 2019

The pioneering London arts centre, the Albany will present its most extensive season of performances since it was founded over forty years ago. Rebels is a season of work that reflects how artists are finding ways of creating political changes, challenging expectations and improving life.

The Albany’s largest-ever festival spans all theatre sites and encompasses theatre, spoken word, music, visual arts, free workshops, political cabaret and opera

Rebels builds on the Albany’s long history of countercultural shows and radical arts production. Among the performances are a new interactive theatre production involving the building of two rival nations; a futuristic new opera about aspirations and freedom; a sci-fi show placing the audience in the grip of technology; and a devastating show which presents two performances on one stage at the same time. The season spans the three Albany-run venues – the Albany, Deptford Lounge in Lewisham and Canada Water Theatre in Southwark.

Among the highlights of the season:

Drawing the Line

Be a celebrated citizen of your world. An interactive theatre experience, combining storytelling, gaming and group decision making. The line divides the audience into two rival nations. Each side determines how their nation grows. Produced by Hidden Track and the Albany in association with alt space and Oxford Playhouse.
Dates: 9-25 May at 7.30pm. Thursdays to Saturdays.

Question Time Cabaret

Talia Randall brings her glitter-drenched version of Question Time to the Albany for a fun, rowdy political knees-up. A playful, surprising and hilarious cabaret show about the state of the nation, featuring performances from some of the UK’s best comedy, spoken word and drag acts.
Date: 2 May, 7.30pm.

The View from Behind the Futuristic Rose Trellis

A dance through inner and outer realities, revealing moments of golden clarity shared by all. Written and performed by artists and musicians Ravioli Me Away (Alice Theobald, Sian Dorrer and Rosie Ridgway) this is a vivid, wry opera about greed, aspiration and freedom.
Date: 1 June, 2pm & 7.30pm.

Wow Everything is Amazing

The latest production by Sounds Like Chaos is an hallucinatory sci-fi madness, set in the new church of the future. Complemented by an original score, spanning gospel to hip-hop, and an ambitious film, the company returns to explore the timely question: ‘Is technology
shaping us or are we shaping it?’ Dates: 16-18 April, 7.30pm.

The Kids Are Alright

A family museum trip turns to tragedy. Back at home, parents attempt to make sense of an horrendous incident in unpredictable ways, while children storm the stage around them. The Kids Are Alright is two performances on one stage: an adult narrative weaving through parental grief and an immersive audio experience for children full of hope. The co-production by Fuel, Encounter, The Place and the Albany, places children and adults together to illuminate how we navigate loss and care for one another.

Dates: 11-13 April, 7.30pm.


A series of free creative workshops at Canada Water Library and Theatre, hosted by Anna-Maria Nabyre and Jess Mabel Jones, exploring expectations of motherhood.

Rebels line-up includes Encounter, Hidden Track Theatre, Scottee, Brigitte Aphrodite, The Cocoa Butter Club, Lady Vendredi and many more



The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG.
Deptford Lounge, 9 Giffin St London SE8 4RH.
Canada Water Theatre, 21 Surrey Quays Road London SE16 7AR.

For tickets and more information , visit the Albany website here

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