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The London Salons at the Museum of London

The Museum of London is inviting visitors to discuss all kinds of issues and aspects of London life over a drink with some of the leading thinkers in the city today.

The London Salons at the museum are a modern take on the conversational gatherings which began in 16th century Italy and in 17th and 18th century France.  These exchange of ideas were the forerunners of the English coffeehouses which were often used for discussion of politics, current affairs .

Each event will look at a particular part of London life, under  the guidance of a relevant expert host.

Forthcoming subjects include life at the edges of London, the role of culture in the city and possible scenarios of London life in 2078.

The London Salons are part of City Now City Future, a year-long season of events at the Museum of London, which explores some of the challenges of urban life and the future of global cities.

The London Salons will be an informal, relaxed opportunity to explore some of the issues that are  subjects of concern and relevance to Londoners today.

Forthcoming Events

The London Salon: Aftershocks

Tuesday 12 December, 7-10pm

It’s 2049 and London has become a city of perpetual commotion, dedicated to those who like living life in the fast lane. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, some Londoners have chosen to defend themselves against future shock and put the brakes on.

In an evening of live performance, multimedia, debate and play, Livingmaps presents two very different visions of life in London in 2049. Which one do you prefer – or do you have other ideas? What would you restore, hold on to, get rid of or create to make this future London your kind of town? After you’ve heard the arguments, you have the opportunity to contribute to three rooms in the Museum of 2049, each one featuring responses to a different scenario of urban shock:

The Incredible Shrinking City: After Brexit, the flight of City money sets off a housing market crash and sends the economy into freefall. The map of London now reflects an alternative economy – but what does it look like? A game in which you have the chance to reshape that map.

We Can Stand the Heat: Global warming has sent temperatures rocketing, raised the level of the Thames and made extreme weather a run-of-the-mill occurrence. The built environment has had to adjust to cope – how has it changed? Unleash your creative/destructive urges and help us redesign the city.

Revolution in the Streets: The decades between 2018 and 2049 were a time of social and political unrest and transformation. What were people demanding in the Great Protests of those years – and what did their demonstrations look like? Imagine being part of that glorious resistance and fill the room with placards, slogans and actions.

Participants include soundscape artist Stuart Bowditch, Phil Cohen, writer and urban ethnographer, Debbie Kent, writer and artist, and designer John Wallett. The salon is curated by Livingmaps, a network of artists, activists and academics committed to developing a critical and creative approach to social cartography.

 The London Salon: queer night scenes

13 February 2018

Explore the history, value and future of London’s queer spaces at a London Salon curated by UCL Urban Laboratory.

Join the museum for a queer ball to celebrate the ways that LGBTQ people create night-spaces in the city, and bring the stories and voices of queer Londoners into the Museum’s City Now City Future season. Over the course of the evening, helped by performances and provocations from special guests, we will think together about how those with non-conforming gender and sexual identities have contributed to urban change in London, as well as the specific challenges and opportunities LGBTQ+ communities face in queering the capital at night today. Featuring Fabulous Facades with queer readings of planning by Ben Campkin, Laura Marshall, Zia, Gabrielle Basso Ricci, Sebastian Buser and Tom Kendall; Chardine Taylor-Stone, re-inhabiting the Shim Sham Club; Travis Alabanza, Travelling the city by night and Planning Out/Friends of the Joiners, queering new urban developments. Hosted by Dr. Sharon Husbands (Naked Boys Reading) Dress code: anything goes.

We’ll be personifying our favourite queer spaces and any ball-goers who want to join us in DIY futuristic and urbanistic ball attire are more than welcome. Curated by Ben Campkin and Laura Marshall (UCL Urban Laboratory). Entry includes a French 75, popular in 1930s NYC and London.

 The London Salon: wearable resistance

13 March 2018

Fashion Space Gallery consider fashion in an age of surveillance in an informal evening at The London Salon.

What role will clothes play within future cityscapes? This salon, curated in collaboration with Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion UAL, will feature talks, performances and film screenings by designers and thinkers. We’ll talk fashion in an age of pervasive surveillance, strategies to protect future urban identities and sartorial responses that tread the fine line between safety and trust.

 The London Salon: counterculture

10 April 2018

The London Salon explores counterculture to mark the 50th anniversary of Time Out magazine.

Marking the 50th anniversary of Time Out magazine, this salon features talks and screenings from Time Out contributors and other writers and photographers who’ve documented youth tribes in London and beyond. How do subcultures form, and does counterculture have a future in the city of tomorrow?

Tickets for each event: £15 (£12/£11 concessions). Entry includes a drink.

If you would like further information or book tickets, visit the Museum of London website here

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