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Review – The Art of the Brick : DC Super Heroes on the Southbank from 1st March to 3rd September 2017


Lego is without doubt one of the retail wonders of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, it is estimated that in five decades of production it has produced some 400 billion Lego bricks.


However New York artist Nathan Sawaya has taken the small bricks to another level with his exhibition of 120 works of art using more than 2 million LEGO bricks. Nathan Sawaya like many children loved building with Lego even to the extent of building his own pet dog, however it was after qualifying as a lawyer that he began to seriously think about Lego as an art form, after a few commissions he decided to turn his back on Law and become a full-time brick artist.

Sawaya visited London in 2014 with his very successful The Art of the Brick exhibition and now turns his attention to DC Super Heroes.


Following a successful run in Madrid, The Art of the Brick : DC Super Heroes makes its London debut on 1st March 2017. The exhibition is shown in an exclusively built space on London’s South Bank.


Working together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, celebrated LEGO artist Sawaya has created the world’s largest collection of artwork inspired by DC’s Justice League, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, alongside DC Super-Villains the Joker, Harley Quinn and more. The exhibition features a series of immersive galleries which showcase Sawaya’s interpretations of some of the characters, vehicles, environments and themes found in the world of DC Super Heroes.


One of the first galleries provides a snapshot of some the familiar and non familiar DC Super Heroes. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are joined by Aquaman, the Flash, Green Arrow and many others.


The Icons section offers life size models of some of the Icons of the DC Super Heroes in attractive settings.


Entering the Fortress of Solitude, we enter the world of Superman and a number of models dedicated to one of the most famous Super Heroes of them all.

The Origins section takes us back to basics provides some insight into the process of building the models. DC Light provides some small humorous models from the DC Comics which perhaps were not ready for Super Hero status.


DC Dark enters the more malevolent world of DC comics and some of the greatest villains. The Joker  Facemask smiles menacingly behind a number of skulls whilst the Riddler stands guard.


The Halls of Justice features some busts and comic covers made out of LEGO. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg are some of the highlights.


The final two galleries take the visitor into the world of Gotham City, Batman stands guard over a city falling apart whilst you enter the Batcave to marvel at a life size model of the Batmobile.


The Art of the Brick : DC Super Heroes exhibition will appeal to a wide range of people who love the world of Super Heroes and LEGO, the range of works provides something for everyone. Children especially will find the various works interesting and inspiring.


Nathan Sawaya has created an extraordinary world in which Lego is transformed into an art form . It is sometimes difficult to believe that some of models are made entirely of LEGO, but close expectation offers a strange almost pixelated view of the DC Comic world.

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