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Review : Burn the Floor — Fire in the Ballroom at the Peacock Theatre on 19th October 2016

It may be tempting to believe that Burn the Floor, the new ballroom dancing show at the Peacock Theatre is jumping on the bandwagon of the interest created by Strictly Come Dancing and the appearance of a number of the Strictly dancers on the red carpet before the show did little to question that belief.

However, the origins of Burn the Floor predate Strictly by quite a time and is related to the 50th birthday party of Elton John. At that party, producer Harley Medcalf  was enthralled by a performance by a group of  ballroom dancers that he had the idea it would make a great show. Medcalf joined forces with top dancers Peta Roby and Jason Gilkinson for the inaugural show in 1999. Whilst it was not instantly supported by the ballroom traditionalists, it was a hit with audiences all over the world including Broadway where it had a run in 2009 lasting one hundred and ninety three performances.

Although Burn the Floor has been a regular visitor to London’s West End, Burn the Floor – Fire in the Ballroom is a brand new show, with new sets, music and choreography.


Photo – James Kronzer

The show begins in a rather sedate fashion with the dancers dressed in 18th century costume dancing a refined waltz to Johann Strauss’ Blue Danube. Gradually this makes way for an incredibly fast-moving evening in which the fourteen dancers go through the ballroom repertoire.


Photo – Dillon Goodall

The dancers are an international cast from Australia, Italy, England, China and South Africa, most are international champions and bring to the show a very high standard of dancing. It was not just the dancing that impresses, the dancers bought a high degree of personality to the proceedings with remarkable stamina to go through the various intense, passionate and sexy set pieces.


Each section of the show is a self – contained piece with musical accompaniment by two singers, two guitarists and drummer. The range of music included Santana, Shakira, Tito Puente, Robbie Williams and Led Zeppelin.

The show played to an enthusiastic audience who voiced their approval throughout the show and gave a standing ovation at the end.

At the end of the show, it was not just the dancers that were exhausted, part of the secret of Burn the Floor’s long standing success is that it is a fast-moving show with great music, world-class dancers, great costumes and choreography. Whilst the show will naturally appeal to the many Strictly fans out there, it does offer a great fun night out for anyone who wants to see a fun packed production with a feel-good factor.

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended  

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