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Exhibition Review -The Infinite Mix: Sound and Image in Contemporary Video at The Store from 9th September to 4th December 2016



The Hayward Gallery in association with The Vinyl Factory present the gallery’s only major off-site exhibition during its two-year refurbishment at The Store 180 Strand , a new creative space in the Strand. The exhibition is entitled The Infinite Mix and will premiere immersive audio-visual installations by leading international artists: Martin Creed (UK); Jeremy Deller (UK) and Cecilia Bengolea (Argentina), Stan Douglas (Canada), Cyprien Gaillard (France), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (France), Cameron Jamie (USA), Kahlil Joseph (USA), Elizabeth Price (UK), Ugo Rondinone (Switzerland) and Rachel Rose (USA).

The exhibition takes visitors on a visual and musical journey through a series of spaces above and below ground, to discover hologram-like installations, multi-screen installations and cinema-style 3D projections.


The exhibition begins with British artist Martin Creed’s Work No. 1701 (2013) which shows a series of people with atypical gaits as each crosses the same New York Street. The unusual subject matter is strangely fascinating with music from the artist’s song ‘You Return’.


The next work by Canadian artist Stan Douglas explores fact and fiction with Luanda-Kinshasa (2013), Douglas presents a 1970s fictional jazz-funk band (led by jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran) in the midst of a recording session set in replica of the legendary Columbia 30th Street Studio. For all the naturalistic action and cultural references, it is all a fiction.


Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s THANX 4 NOTHING (2015) is a dazzling multi-screen environment, presented on four screens. The work shows a 79-year-old legendary beat poet, John Giorno, performing his 2007 poem. Dressed in a tuxedo and looking like a 60s crooner, Giorno delivers his entertaining, humorous and thought-provoking monologue.

American artists Kahlil Joseph’s m.A.A.d. (2015) and Cameron Jamie’s Massage the History (2007-09) examine aspects of life amongst the African-American communities, whilst British artist Jeremy Deller and Argentinian choreographer Cecilia Bengolea’s Bom Bom’s Dream (2016) is a work will be centred around the annual summer Dancehall dance competition in Kingston, Jamaica, focusing on the participation of contemporary Japanese dancehall dancer Batty Bom-Bom.


2015 Frieze Artist Award winner Rachel Rose brings together a multitude of influences for Everything and More (2015) which features the recording of the American astronaut David Wolf talking about the pleasures and perils of space.

Turner Prize-winner Elizabeth Price’s video installations use a fusion of image, text and music to explore aspects of social history which challenges ideas about how we assimilate knowledge.


Finally there is a trip to the cavernous Store building car park for French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster who recreates a performance by opera legend Maria Callas, in the dark gloom a red apparition appears like a hologram, The ghostly image fades and then reappears against the background of operatic music.


Photo Cyprien Gaillard- still from nightlife

Finally, there is UK premiere of Cyprien Gaillard’s remarkable film Nightlife (2015) which is projected in 3D.  Featuring images of dancing gust-blown trees lit up at night in Los Angeles and a drone’s eye view of fireworks exploding over the stadium built by the Nazi’s for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


This intriguing and entertaining free exhibition will introduce The Store 180 The Strand space to a wider audience, the space in many ways similar to Tate Modern, the architecture seems to lend itself to large-scale installations. The Infinite Mix exhibition is less a series of unconnected rooms but rather a visual and musical exploration of different aspects of the modern world. This is a rare opportunity to view a series of large-scale installations by some of the leading artists in the audio-visual media in one large space.

This free exhibition runs from the 9th September  to 4th December 2016.

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

 If you would like more information visit the Store 180 Strand website here

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