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Review : No Body at Sadler’s Wells – 7th June 2016



Michael Hulls LightSpace (part of No Body) photo Heathcliff O’Malley

The Sadler’s Wells audience turned up with a sense of anticipation of an unusual experience with the world premiere of No Body. The production combines many of the elements of a dance performance – lighting, design, sound and projection, but without the presence of live dancers.


Michael Hulls LightSpace (part of No Body) photo Heathcliff O’Malley

The fully immersive multi-installation experience begins with LightSpace, a Michael Hulls installation that takes  the audience onto the stage to be surrounded by large chandeliers with tungsten bulbs, the rather sedate opening has various bulbs growing in power and then dimming. Suddenly the chandeliers ascend to the  ceiling until they become distant twinkling lights. The bemused audience are then literally put into the limelight when shafts of light begins to sweep over the stage mingling with smoke effects to create great walls of light moving backwards and forwards to an hypnotic soundtack by composers Andy Cowton and Mukul. Some of the audience were quite content to enjoy the sensation, whilst others began to enjoy the idea of performing and started to move to the music. The lighting rigs then began to move slowly up and down until they finally quickly descend to just above the audience’s heads.

Members of the audience were then given headphones to move into the foyer spaces to experience the music, sound and animation of Indelible which features Nitin Sawhney’s specially commissioned recordings and compositions and Yeast Culture’s Nick Hillel’s visual projections. Dancers appear on the screens like ghosts leaving their indelible mark on the theatre, moving through the installations and finishing in the rehearsal spaces on the top floor suggests that all the performers of the present and the future work with a sense of the past.


The Running Tongue (2015) Siobhan Davies and David Hinton Vision by Deborah Saxon

Next is a film installation by leading choreographer Siobhan Davies and film maker David Hinton’s entiled The Running Tongue which offers an often surreal look at dance and the world made by sound artists, animators and 22 dance artists.


The Running Tongue (2015) Siobhan Davies and David Hinton Vision by Simon Ellis

Lucy Carter’s Hidden installations takes the audience into the hidden spaces in the backstage of the building . With composer Jules Maxwell providing the music, the spaces usually used by technicians, makers and designers come into the limelight with a few humorous touches along the way.


Lucy Carter -No Body – photo Tristram Kenton

Finally we have a film installation by Russell Maliphant, Kairos is a triple screen installation inspired by the film Erebus, which was created in collaboration with film directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton. Dancers seem to be in perpetual motion in a landscape of light and dark complemented by a evocative score by composer Mukul.

No Body is a wildly ambitious production that provides an entertaining immersive experience for the audience who are taken on their own  mystery tour around Sadler’s Wells. The imaginative installations offer plenty of insights into the creative process surrounding dance performances and seemed to provoke a good response from the audience. In many ways, the virtual worlds of No Body illustrates ironically that live dancers provide something that is not easily replicated, they provide that essential emotional human connection with the audience that is the lifeblood of every successful dance production.

No Body runs until the 12th June at Sadler’s Wells with a number of different performances each day.

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

If you would like further information or buy tickets, visit the Sadler’s Wells website here

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