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Review : RHS London Botanical Art Show at The RHS Lindley Hall – 26th and 27th February 2016



The RHS Lindley Hall is hosting the RHS London Botanical Art Show from 26-27 February. This show focuses entirely on botanical art, promoting the world-class Lindley Library collection and championing the skills of some of the world’s best botanical artists through a display of unseen work.


In its seventh year, the show celebrates the beauty, technical artistry and scientific importance of botanical art. There is also an element of competition with artists from Japan, USA, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, Italy and Holland joining British artists, all hoping to win a coveted Gold Medal.


Gold Medal winner – Margaret de Villiers ( South Africa )

Last year, Japanese artists at the show won four of the six gold medals but the geographical spread of this year’s Gold Medals is much wider including winners from Australia, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Britain and Holland. The materials used and subject matter is quite diverse, there are works in graphite, watercolour and pencil, gouache and acrylic, with subjects ranging from trees and fruit to vegetables and wild plants.


Gold Medal winner – Sandra Sanger (Australia)

Interest in botanical art has increased considerably around the world in the last decade, part of this interest is that botanical art is not necessarily the exact reproduction of the plant or flower.


Gold Medal winner – Lidia Vanzetti (Italy)

The finished painting is often a composite of many elements that allows the artist to show their creativity. It is this creativity that allows an attention to details that would get lost in a photograph. For this reason, botanical art is being considered more as an art form in its own right and is becoming much sought after by collectors.


Gold Medal winner – Simonetti Occhipinti ( Italy )

Walking around the show gives an opportunity for visitors to see the incredible attention to detail in the artworks and talk to the artists about their work and in some cases, purchase works and prints directly from the artist.


Gold Medal winner – Julie Nettleton ( Australia )

If the show inspires you to try your hand at botanical art you can talk to representatives from florilegia societies and botanical art and illustration societies about their work and courses. There is also variety of art products available to purchase.


With plenty of food and drink options, the RHS London Botanical Art Show offers an interesting insight into the world of botanical art in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The RHS London shows are one of the great value for money shows for those interested in horticulture and carry on throughout the year. Entry to the show is free for RHS members.

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

RHS London Botanical Art Show

Date: 26 – 27 February 2016

Time: 10am – 5pm

Venue: RHS Lindley Hall, London

For more information or to book tickets, visit the RHS website here

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