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Review – Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras : Voces, Suite Flamenca at Sadler’s Wells from 16th to 20th February 2016


Ballet Flamenco – Sara Baras - Voces - Suite Flamenca (cred Santana de Yepes) I

Ballet Flamenco – Sara Baras,Voces,Suite Flamenca (photo Santana de Yepes)

Spain’s foremost flamenco superstar Sara Baras returns to Sadler’s Well with an exciting new show that pays tribute to six flamenco luminaries who have greatly influenced her work. In Voces, Suite Flamenca, directed, staged, and choreographed by Baras, the artist from Cádiz pays homage to artists like Paco de Lucía, Camarón de la Isla, Antonio Gades, Enrique Morente, Moraito and Carmen Amaya, all of whom have had an enormous impact on her as a performer.

The show begins with the stage set up as a smoky bar, with large images of the flamenco performers of the past in the background, Baras looks upon the images before launching into her first dance.

Tradition is an important part of flamenco and although Sara Baras is considered one of the main innovators of modern flamenco, she acknowledges and pays homage to those who have gone before. Not only do the presence of the images reflect this but before certain sections, recordings of the past artists are played in which they talk about what flamenco means to them.

After the opening dance, Buleria de Chabo by Baras and the Corps de Ballet, Baras is joined by the charismatic Jose Serrano to explore love and pain in Sequirilla. In the solo pieces by Baras which included Taranta, Farruca and Solea por Buleria, the audience were entranced by her ‘ zapateado’ or rapid percussive footwork for which she is famous for. However it is not just the footwork but Baras’ ability to mix a classical approach with spontaneity and still manage to transmit emotion and passion with increasing intensity.

Later in the evening, Jose Serrano showed his particular strengths, with a soleá of highly controlled movements that finally breaks free towards the end. Whilst the Corps de Ballet entertained with Las Carmenes, complete with red cape and red dresses.

If the dance steals the show, guitarists Keko Baldemero, Andres Martinez with percussionists Antonio Suarez and Manuel Munoz  provide the intense, driving and emotional soundtrack with strong vocals from acclaimed singer Israel Fernandez.

Flamenco is quite an unusual genre, highly stylised yet open to spontaneity and improvisation, one of the most important qualities of    flamenco is the soul or ‘duende’ which is usually related to pain, loss and grief. This show illustrates very clearly how dance, music and song interweave to produce the emotion, drama and passion of flamenco.

Voces, Suite Flamenca provided a fitting opening night for the Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival, this enjoyable and entertaining show was greatly appreciated by the audience who gave the performers a standing ovation especially the star of the show, Sara Baras who provided plenty of evidence why she is considered one of the modern greats of flamenco dance.

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

If you would like further information or book tickets, visit the Sadler’s Wells website here

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