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Review : Shrek’s Adventure! London on the South Bank – July 2015


Shrek’s Adventure! London is situated on the South Bank in the old County Hall building, it is located near other major London attractions, the Sea Life Aquarium, the London Dungeon and the London Eye. Merlin are one of the largest attraction owners in Europe have joined forces with Hollywood studio DreamWorks to create the Shrek-themed attraction.

Shrek’s Far Far Away Adventure been specially written by the DreamWorks team and features an interactive walk-through adventure which offers live action scenes and animation. Many of the characters from the Shrek films make an appearance plus a few surprises.

You begin in the Magic Bus Depot and climb aboard a London bus for the journey, but this is no ordinary bus ride but a magical 4D ride where you are transported into the London sky, your driver Donkey offers not the smoothest ride as familiar landmarks and characters flash by.

The journey to the land of Far Far Away to meet Shrek takes an unexpected turn when Rumpelstiltskin and some witches decide to chase you through the adventure. What follows is a visit to a series of locations to help you find the way to the magic portal, each location has a mini show where familiar characters from the Shrek film help and hinder your progress. Visitors walk their way to Shrek’s Swamp, Rumpelstiltskin’s Carraige,The Poison Apple Pub, Game Show, Mirror Maze, Muffin Man’s House and DreamWorks Arrivals Hall. In the Arrivals Hall, Shrek is waiting to meet you along with his friends from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon!

From the time you put on your 4D glasses and experience the spectacular magic bus ride, the fast-moving adventure provides plenty of entertainment from live actors, animation and special effects. Like the films, the script for the adventure provides plenty of humour for adults and children.
Unusually for this sort of attraction, there is no lower age barrier but a number of small children on our particular tour were not particularly happy with the loud music, dazzling lights and some of the characters. The attraction is targeted for children between 6-12 years of age and they are probably the age group that will enjoy the adventure the most.

As you would expect from Merlin and DreamWorks, this is a highly original and entertaining attraction with incredible attention to detail. The animation is particularly impressive and provides plenty of interactive fun. The journey through the attraction takes around one hour and at the end you can take photographs of your children with Shrek and characters from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon!

Visiting London Guide Rating – Highly Recommended

If you would like further information or book tickets, visit the Shrek’s Adventure website here

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