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The BBC Proms Ticket Information 2015


The BBC Proms season will be from Friday 17 July to Saturday 12 September. The BBC Proms 2015 season will be announced on Thursday 23 April at 2pm. Promming Passes will go on sale on Friday 15 May at 9.00am. General booking opens on Saturday 16 May at 9.00am.

The Proms are always very popular, so following is a short guide into the rather unique Proms ticketing system that will enable visitors who would like to attend to understand some of the options.


The Proms Planner

This year you can plan your Proms concert-going online  before tickets go on sale. The online Proms Planner will be accessible at www.royalalberthall.com from 2pm on Thursday 23 April. It has been designed to make it easier and faster to buy BBC Proms tickets.

At any time from 2pm on Thursday 23 April, log in and select which Proms you’d like to attend.

Once completed, your Proms Plan is ready for you to submit once booking opens. You can amend your selection at any time until midnight on Friday 15 May.

You must return to the site from 9.00am on Saturday 16 May and submit your Plan in order to make a booking. Because of the expected high demand when booking opens, using the Proms Planner means that you may be more successful in securing your preferred tickets, as your booking is likely to be processed more quickly.

Booking opens at www.royalalberthall.com at 9.00am on Saturday 16 May, but there is likely to be very high demand.

Promming Passes are not part of the Proms Planner and will go on sale at 9.00am on Friday 15 May.


Season Promming Tickets and Weekend Promming Passes

Frequent Prommers can save money by purchasing a Season Ticket covering the whole Proms season (including the Last Night), or only the first or second half (ie Proms 1–38 or Proms 39–75, excluding the Last Night), or a Weekend Promming Pass. These allow access to either the Arena or Gallery.

Season Ticket- and Promming Passholders benefit from:

guaranteed entrance (until 20 minutes before each concert)
great savings – prices can work out at less than £2.65 per concert

Season Ticket- and Promming Pass-holders arriving at the Hall less than 20 minutes before a concert are not guaranteed entry and should join the back of the Day Queue.

All Promming Season Tickets and Weekend Promming Passes are subject to availability. Promming Season Tickets and Weekend Promming Passes can be purchased from 9.00am on Friday 15 May.  Season Tickets are non-transferable and two passport-sized photographs must be provided before tickets can be issued. ID may be requested upon entry. Whole-Season Tickets include admission to the Last Night and Half-Season Ticket-holders have special access to a reserved allocation of Last Night Tickets.

Weekend Promming Passes must be purchased a minimum of two hours before the start of the first concert covered. Prices vary for each weekend depending on the number of concerts covered.

Please note: you may purchase a maximum of four passes per weekend. There is no Weekend Promming Pass covering Proms 75 and 76. Weekend Promming Passes are not valid for concerts at Cadogan Hall.

Day Promming

All remaining Arena and Gallery Promming tickets (priced £5.00) are available on the day and cannot be booked in advance. You must buy your ticket in person and must pay by cash. The available number of Promming tickets is dependent on capacity and the number of Pass-holders in attendance; however, over 500 Arena and Gallery tickets are usually available, so you always have a good chance of getting in (although early queuing is advisable for the more popular concerts).

Ticket purchases are made as you enter, in queue order, through the relevant doors. A limited number of Arena tickets will usually be sold to the Day Queue from two and a half hours before each performance (one and a quarter hours before morning Proms). The remaining Day Promming tickets will then be sold from Door 11 (Arena) and Door 10 (Gallery) from 45 minutes before the performance to those queuing.

Tickets for Late Night Proms are available only on the doors, from 30 minutes before the performance. Arena and Gallery tickets are available only at Door 11 and Door 10, not at the Box Office.


Last Night of the Proms

The Five-Concert Ballot

Customers who purchase tickets for at least five other concerts are eligible to enter the Five-Concert Ballot. (The Free Prom [Prom 69], concerts at Cadogan Hall and Proms in the Park do not count towards the Five-Concert Ballot.) You can apply to buy a maximum of two tickets for the Last Night. If you are successful in the Ballot, you will not be obliged to buy Last Night tickets should your preferred seating area not be available.

Please note: you must tick the Ballot opt-in box when booking online, or inform the Box Office that you wish to enter this Ballot when booking by telephone, in person or by post.

If you require a wheelchair space for the Last Night of the Proms, you will still need to book for five other concerts but you must phone the Access Information Line (020 7070 4410) by Thursday 28 May and ask to be entered into the separate Ballot for wheelchair spaces.

This Ballot cannot be entered online. The Five-Concert Ballot closes on Thursday 28 May. Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 5 June. If you are successful, please note that your Last Night Tickets will not be issued until Friday 4 September. We regret that, if you are unsuccessful in the Five-Concert Ballot, no refunds for other tickets purchased will be payable.

General availability for the Last Night

Any remaining tickets will go on sale on Friday 10 July. There is exceptionally high demand for Last Night tickets, but returns occasionally become available, so it is always worth checking with the Box Office.

Please note: for all Last Night bookings, only one application (for a maximum of two tickets) can be made per household.

Promming at the Last Night

Whole Season Tickets include admission to the Last Night. A limited allocation of Last Night tickets (priced £5.00) is also reserved for Prommers who have attended five or more concerts (in either the Arena or the Gallery). They are eligible to purchase one ticket each for the Last Night (priced £5.00) on presentation of their used tickets (which will be retained) at the Box Office. Tickets will be available to buy from the Box Office from the following dates:

Tuesday 21 July for First Half Season Ticket-holders and Day Prommers and Weekend Pass-holders with five used tickets.

Tuesday 18 August for Second Half Season Ticket-holders and Day Prommers and Weekend Pass-holders with five used tickets.

Friday 4 September for both First and Second Half Season Ticket-holders and Day Prommers and Weekend Pass-holders with five used tickets.

On the Night A limited number of standing tickets will be available on the Last Night itself (priced £5.00, one per person). No previous ticket purchases are necessary.

Queuing Please note that queuing locations for the Last Night of the Proms may differ from other Proms, but stewards will be on hand to assist you. Whole Season Ticket-holders are guaranteed entrance until 20 minutes before the concert.

Sleeping Out Please note that it is not necessary for Prommers with Last Night tickets to camp out overnight to secure their preferred standing place inside the Hall. Ticket-holders may add their name to a list which will be held at the Stage Door at the Royal Albert Hall from 4.00pm on Friday 11 September. They then need to return to the queue in list order by 10.00am on Saturday 12 September.

The Open Ballot

One hundred Centre Stalls seats (priced £87.50 * each) and 100 Front Circle seats (priced £57.00 * each) for the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall will be allocated by Open Ballot. No other ticket purchases are necessary. Only one application (for a maximum of two tickets) may be made per household.

* Booking fees apply

If you would like to apply for tickets by Open Ballot, please complete an official Open Ballot Form and send it by post only – to arrive no later than Thursday 2 July – to:

BBC Proms Open Ballot
Box Office
Royal Albert Hall
London SW7 2AP

Note that the Open Ballot application is completely separate from other Proms booking procedures. Envelopes should be clearly addressed to ‘BBC Proms Open Ballot’ and should contain only this official Open Ballot Form. The Open Ballot takes place on Friday 3 July and successful applicants will be contacted by Thursday 9 July.

Please note: if you are successful in the Five-Concert Ballot, you will not be eligible for Last Night tickets via the Open Ballot.

Booking for BBC Proms

Booking opens at 9.00am on Saturday 16 May:
online at www.royalalberthall.com
by telephone on 0845 401 5040
in person at the Royal Albert Hall


The BBC Proms Official Guide  is now available here

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