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DIY Sightseeing Bus routes for the Visitor – Route 9

number 9

 Route 9

Once you arrive in London you will see a large number of Bus companies selling tours to travel on a bus around London.

These tours can be very expensive and you can do a tour yourself by taking the Local London buses for only a couple of pounds.

All you need  to know is which routes best suit where you want to go, all the routes we suggest use double decker buses so you can sit on the top deck  and see London appear in front of you.


On Route No.9 you’ll see more than attractions because this is known as a heritage route and can travel on one of the old London buses called a Routemaster. if you want the comfort of a modern bus they also operate on this route.


Route 9 offers a more scenic short route by passing some of London’s famous parks, if you are going West to East you can start  in Kensington before passing the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park, then look out for the sign for Harrods in Knightsbridge . Going past Green Park and St James Park with Buckingham Palace in the distance, the greenery come to an abrupt end in Trafalgar Square and the bus terminates at Aldwych not far from Covent Garden.

Main Stops

Hammersmith Bus Station
Kensington Olympia Station London Underground London Overground National Rail
Kensington High Street
High Street Kensington Station London Underground
Royal Albert Hall
Knightsbridge Station London Underground
Hyde Park Corner Station London Underground
Green Park Station London Underground
Trafalgar Square
Charing Cross Station London Underground National Rail

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