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Rare Sumatran Tigers at London Zoo


Photo (c)ZSL

The extremely rare three Sumatran tiger cubs at London Zoo underwent a medical to determine their sex and well being at ZSL London Zoo.

Tiger keepers Paul Kybett and Teague Stubbington had to first separate mum Melati from the cubs her brood before the vets could begin their medical, and were then in charge of rounding up the cubs – which has the pictures show was not an easy task , as the tiger triplets already have sharp claws and feisty personalities.

Tiger cub 20

Photo (c)ZSL

It was discovered that Melati the mother had given birth to two males and one female, each tiger cub is priceless in the battle to protect this critically-endangered species.

Tiger cub 10

Photo (c)ZSL

Chief vet Nic Masters closely examined each cub before declaring them all fit and healthy.

tiger cub 30

Photo (c)ZSL

Vet nurse Jo Korn then had the  task of micro-chipping each cub, recording their sexes and vital statistics on to the chip, which in turn will be added to the studbook records for the worldwide breeding programme

Zookeeper Paul Kybett said: “Our three Sumatran tiger cubs are doing incredibly well and their first health check is a major milestone for them; I’m delighted to say that they all look fantastic.

The ZSL London Zoo’s keepers will be running a competition with Channel 5’s Milkshake programme, with the winner helping to choose names for the three cubs.

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