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The Golden Hinde II at St Mary Overie Dock , Southwark

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Golden Hinde II

Location – 1 Pickfords Wharf,Clink Street, London, SE1 9DG

It is one of the joys of London to come across the unexpected, however the full size authentic replica of the Golden Hinde at St Mary Overie Dock is not just a tourist attraction but is a fully functional ship built by traditional methods at Appledore in North Devon and launched in 1973. Like the original Golden Hinde, the replica has circumnavigated the globe and altogether has travelled more than 140,000 miles.

The replica was the brainchild of two American businessmen, Albert Elledge and Art Blum, who, in 1968, wanted to commemorate the upcoming 400th anniversary of Sir Francis Drake’s landing on the west coast of North America in 1579.They commissioned Loring Christian Norgaard, a Californian naval architect to undertake the task of designing the ship. This was no simple task as there were no plans for the original ship, therefore Norgaard had to search records and journals and study Tudor shipbuilding techniques to come up with an authentic replica.

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When the design was ready the task of building the ship was undertaken by J Hinks and Son who had more than 100 years experience of traditional craftsmanship. Original materials and tools were used to create the ship and all aspects of the ship interior and exterior were produced after meticulous research.

On her maiden journey she sailed to San Francisco and in the next 20 years sailed all over the world. In this time she became a familiar sight in Films and Television series.

Since 1996 she has been berthed in St Mary Overie Dock and is used to illustrate Elizabethan maritime history to the many schools and children who visit her.

In a strange way history is repeating itself, for after Drake returned to England in the Golden Hind after sailing around the world, the ship was moored in Deptford on public display for over 100 years before she was finally broken up.

Tours and Fun days are available where children can dress up as Tudor sailors or Pirates and explore the ship.

Tickets Prices are usually around £ 7 for Adults and £ 5 for Children.

For more information click here

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